Picture of Achiya Livne

Achiya Livne

Thesis : Biomineralization in Fungi - Control Over Morphology, Polymorph and Templating ( Abstract )
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Picture of Alexandra (Sasha) Choen

Alexandra (Sasha) Choen

2016- Ph.D.
Thesis : Bio-Inspired Growth of Wax Crystals for the Control of Surface Wettability ( Abstract )
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Picture of Anastasia Brif

Anastasia Brif

2014- M.Sc.
Thesis : Lattice Distortions in Semiconductor Crystals Induced by the Incorporation of Intracrystalline Organic Molecules ( Abstract )
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Picture of Avigail Aronhime Bracha

Avigail Aronhime Bracha

2017- M.Sc.
Thesis : The Structure and Micro-Structure of Biogenic Curved Single Crystals ( Abstract )
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Picture of Beni Rich

Beni Rich

PhD Student
Phone:  +972-4-8295793
Address:  Dalya Meidan bldg, room 501
2015 - B.Sc. Materials Engineering, Technion
2015 - B.A. Chemistry, Technion Continue Reading Beni Rich
Picture of Boris Haimov

Boris Haimov

2012- M.Sc.
Thesis : On the Formation of Hybrid Organic/Liquid Metal Interfaces ( Abstract )
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Picture of Daniel Beitner

Daniel Beitner

2017 - M.Sc.
Thesis : Modifying the Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Properties of PUR Acryl Paints Substrates by ALD and SAMs ( Abstract )
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Picture of Dr. Eva Weber

Dr. Eva Weber

2013-2015 Postdoc
Research topic: Biomineralization in plants, Bioinspired crystal engineering Continue Reading Dr. Eva Weber
Picture of Dr. Linfeng Chen

Dr. Linfeng Chen

2014-2016 Postdoc
Research topic: Biomimetic crystal growth, Self-organization at the interface Continue Reading Dr. Linfeng Chen
Picture of Eva Seknazi

Eva Seknazi

Thesis : Structural Aspects of Biogenic and Bio-inspired Substituted Calcium Carbonate ( Abstract )
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Picture of Karin Haimovich

Karin Haimovich

Thesis : Investigation of Surface Phenomena on Template Stripped Thin Films of Gold ( Abstract )
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Picture of Leonid Bloch

Leonid Bloch

2015- M.Sc.
Thesis : Characterization of Structural Aspects of Nanometric Scale Thickness ALD Deposited Films ( Abstract )
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Picture of Maria Koifman

Maria Koifman

2017- Ph.D.
Thesis : Formation of Single Crystals of Gold with Intricate Shapes and Morphologies via Thin Films ( Abstract )
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Picture of Noga Kornblum

Noga Kornblum

Thesis : Selective Metals Deposition by Atomic Layer Deposition Using Low-Coordination Surface Sites ( Abstract )
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Picture of Nuphar Bianco-Stein

Nuphar Bianco-Stein

PhD Student
Phone:  +972-4-8295792
Address:  Dalya Meidan bldg, room 512
Thesis: "The Structure and Nanostructure of Biogenic High-Mg Calcite and Their Impact on the Mechanical Properties Research Thesis", 2022. Continue Reading Nuphar Bianco-Stein
Picture of Rotem Glick-Carmi

Rotem Glick-Carmi

2015- M.Sc.
Thesis : Time-Dependent Surface Tension and Wettability of Drops due to Adsorption and Dissolution ( Abstract ) Continue Reading Rotem Glick-Carmi
Picture of Saeed Younis

Saeed Younis

2012- M.Sc.
Thesis : Atomic and Nano-Structure of Aragonitic Mollusk Shells ( Abstract )
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Picture of Shirly Borukhin

Shirly Borukhin

2014- Ph.D.
Thesis : The Surface Structure of Template Stripped Thin Films of Gold ( Abstract )
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Picture of Shlomit Zamir

Shlomit Zamir

2018 - Ph.D.
Thesis : Dopant Effect on the Grain Boundary Mobility of Yag ( Abstract )
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Picture of Stas Kazachkevich

Stas Kazachkevich

Thesis : The Hierarchical Structure of Biogenic Calcite: The Case of the Brittle Star Ophiocoma Wendtii ( Abstract )
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Picture of Sylwia Mijowska

Sylwia Mijowska

Thesis : Extreme Levels of Incorporation of Organic Molecules into the Crystal Lattice of Calcite under Non-Ambient Conditions ( Abstract )
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Picture of Yael Etinger

Yael Etinger

Thesis : Structural Aspects of Nanometer Size Amorphous Materials ( Abstract )
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Picture of Zachi Shmueli

Zachi Shmueli

2018 - M.Sc.
Thesis : Effect of Surface and Heat-Treatment Atmosphere on the Crystallization of High Purity Fused Silica Glass ( Abstract )
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