The Norman Seiden Prize

June 2016 – The Norman Seiden Prize for Excellence in Research awarded to Prof.

The Russell Berrie 1st Prize

June 2016- The Russell Berrie 1st Prize for Excellence in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology awarded to Maria

The Golden Ratio

For the first time, Technion scientists have created a porous, single crystal of gold. The study was conducted in collaboration with the particle accelerator in Grenoble,

24 hours at the X-ray factory: Behind the scenes at Europe’s massive synchrotron — where science never sleeps

This is a fascinating glimpse into the ESRF’s work and life activities published on Nature. Walking around the ring with all different types of beam lines running 24/7, you have a unique opportunity to visit and (...)

Faculty excellence award & New paper

June 2017- Congratulations to Yael Etinger for her new paper in CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS & for getting  Faculty excellence award for spring

Published in Science: The study on brittlestar lenses

December 2017 - We are happy to share with you our recent findings that have been published in the December 8 issue of Science.  Click here for FREE download. Our group in collaboration with University of Trento, (...)

Scholarships Winners: winter semester

December 2017 - Join us in congratulating our students  on winning prestigious scholarships: Achiya - for receiving the Sherman Prize! Stas - for getting an extra scholarship for Excellence in Research! Yael - (...)

Congratulations to Yael Etinger-Geller for Winning the RBNI First Prize!

First Prize for Excellence in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology 2018 in Israel is awarded to a PhD student from our group Yael Etinger! Well done Yael, we are proud of

E-MRS 2018 Fall Meeting.

We are delighted to congratulate our PhD student Yael on receiving a prestigious Graduate Student Award of the E-MRS Fall Meeting that took place in Warsaw 17-20 October 2018! Yeal, we wish you many more achievements (...)

FRONT COVER: Soft Matter 2018, Issue 38!

Our group's recent study on broccoli leaves that was published in Soft Matter in October 2018 received recognition from the reviewers and is featured on the front page! Congratulations to Beni Rich and Boaz Pokroy on a (...)