The 2021 JACOBS AWARD goes to…..Arad Lang!!

Congratulations to Arad Lang, a Ph.D. student from our lab, on receiving the prestigious 2021 Jacobs Award for publishing an Outstanding Paper in the field of Engineering!  The Technion prize was awarded for a recent scientific paper of Arad entitled “Bioinspired Molecular Bridging in a Hybrid Perovskite Leads to Enhanced Stability and Tunable Properties” and published in Advanced Functional Materials. The findings of this research open up new routes to alter the properties and improve the stability of hybrid perovskites via a novel bioinspired approach.

Well done Arad and much success in your future scientific discoveries!


Helix…Algae…See connection?

Indeed! Our lab, and in particular a PhD student Nuphar Bianco-Stein, has shown for the first time that the structure of Jania alga, the specie of coralline red algae, has helical structure. This helical arrangement of the structure makes the alga 20% more compliant to sustain the bending forces due to the sea waves. This study was performed utilising three different synchrotron beamlines at the ERSF facilities. Micro- and nanotomography (ID19 and ID16B) enabled the visualisation of Jania’s helix structure and its high porosity on the micro and nano-scales. High-resolution powder diffraction (ID22) revealed that Jania alga’s skeleton is made of high magnesium calcite. Visit the ESRF webpage to find out more. Join us to congratulate Nuphar on the publication of her paper in Advanced Science!

Full Professor Promotion!

We are excited to announce that Dr. Boaz Pokroy has been promoted to Full Professor! Dr. Pokroy received his Ph.D degree in Materials  Science and Engineering from the Technion in 2006. He is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Materials  Science and Engineering.

The Pokroy’s group research focuses on biomineralization and developing bio-inspired materials based on the strategies that living organisms use to produce natural materials. He has published over 100 papers at peer-reviewed journals, conferences, and workshops.

Congratulations on the promotion!

Please join us in congratulating Professor Pokroy on this important accomplishment!

How about science in Space?

Have you ever thought about making your routine laboratory experiment in Space? Visit our lab and we will share our experience on this! Our group is a part of collaboration project “SpaceLysis” between the Israeli Space Agency at the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Italian Space Agency. The project will launch two experiments into outer space to shed light on the effect of micro-gravity on the kinetics of anti-microbial materials and their action on bacteria. Click here to find out more!

Science Week at the EU Parliament: STOA–ERC Event 2019

The Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) of the European Parliament in cooperation with the European Research Council (ERC) annually organizes an event that brings Members of the EU Parliament and ERC-funded grantees. “Investing in researchers, shaping Europe’s future”, the STOA conference, aims to support a dialogue between scientists and policy-makers and to jointly discuss how Europe’s future can be shaped by fundamental research on topics ranging from smart agriculture and food, to migration and demography.

This year Prof. Pokroy was invited to talk in the framework of the ERC-STOA 2019 event in a session on smart Agriculture for the Future of EU. The event was hosted by ERC president Professor Jean Pierre Bourguignon and Ms. Eva Kaili European Parliament Member – Chair Future Science & Technology. Click here for more information.

Shared by the Communication Unit of the ERC

STOA Event
Shared by the Communication Unit of the ERC


Humans of ESRF 2018: Boaz Pokroy

In 2018 the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) is celebrating its 30th anniversary and has launched a blog devoted to the outstanding people from all over the world who work together at the ESRF.

Our group leader, Prof. Boaz Pokroy,  who has been a user of the ESRF for 18 years and is currently a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is one of the Humans of  ESRF. Click here to find out more and read a short story of his ESRF life.


E-MRS 2018 Fall Meeting.

We are delighted to congratulate our PhD student Yael on receiving a prestigious Graduate Student Award of the E-MRS Fall Meeting that took place in Warsaw 17-20 October 2018!

Yeal, we wish you many more achievements ahead!