The Norman Seiden Prize

June 2016 – The Norman Seiden Prize for Excellence in Research awarded to Prof.

The Russell Berrie 1st Prize

June 2016- The Russell Berrie 1st Prize for Excellence in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology awarded to Maria

The Golden Ratio

For the first time, Technion scientists have created a porous, single crystal of gold. The study was conducted in collaboration with the particle accelerator in Grenoble,

24 hours at the X-ray factory: Behind the scenes at Europe’s massive synchrotron — where science never sleeps

This is a fascinating glimpse into the ESRF’s work and life activities published on Nature. Walking around the ring with all different types of beam lines running 24/7, you have a unique opportunity to visit and (...)

Faculty excellence award & New paper

June 2017- Congratulations to Yael Etinger for her new paper in CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS & for getting  Faculty excellence award for spring